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  Preperatory Course (DOC-3) will start From 15/11/2014; Phone CAll 031727801.  


    The "ENGINE CADET TRAINING PROGRAMME" meets the requirements of IMO Standards of Training and Certification for Watch-keepers STCW'2010 . The program consists of class room lectures, Practical Workshop /Lab training, Educational Tours in shipyards, Drydocks and Oceangoing ships, discussions and inclusive of the requirements as outlined in the IMO model course 7.04 to prepare the certification of Engineering officers in charge of an watch.
    This training is intended to meet the requirements set out in Table A-III/1 of the STCW Code of STCW'2010. To make a student capable of gaining minimum standard of competence as follows :
        a) To become an officer in charge of Engineering watch in a manned engine room or designated duty engineer in a periodically unmanned engine room.
        b) To have sufficient knowledge of electrical, electronic and control engineering at the operational level.
        c) To gain proficiency on maintenance and repair at the operational level.
    a) The objective is to educate, train and assess the cadets, following the requirement of Section A-I / 6 STCW Code.
    b) To ensure that on successful completion of the course, the cadets will have appropriate knowledge, understanding and proficiency to do watch keeping in engine room and to operate a ship's engine and other machineries.
    c) To achieve minimum academic and professional standards that enables the cadets to appear in examinations of Class III (Engine) Certificate of Competency (CoC), after completion of required sea-time and preparatory courses.
    d) To explore and recognize the potential seafaring talents, suitably train them and develop officer-like qualities in them so as to groom them up as future leaders in related fields, especially in the field of International shipping.
    e) To give such co-curricular, extra-curricular and disciplinary training which will enable a cadet to take a place of a Merchant Marine Engineer and face the challenging career at sea with courage, endurance and fortitude.
    f) To develop loyalty to national and international shipping industry, devotion to profession and sense of responsibility in cadets, through continuous guidance and supervision.
    Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or its equivalent or 'O' level minimum GPA 3.50 (Science group) as well as Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) science group or its equivalent or 'A' level minimum GPA 3.50 (with GPA 3.50 for the subject Physics & Mathematics individually and at least GPA 3.00 in English).
    Candidate must not be more than 21 years of age on 31st December of the year of application. He must be proved physically fit by the Medical board.
    Recruitment Exam: Month of February & July on every calendar year.
    Schedule: Next Engine cadet training program will commence on 14th ‘August 2014.
    a) Phase 1- Pre-sea training (PST)
        The PST will be conducted by skilled and trained instructors of National Marine Academy of Bangladesh, conducted to ensure that the cadets are equipped with the fundamental knowledge to serve onboard foreign going merchant ships. The duration of the course is 2 (two) years.
        Summary of Subjects & Teaching Hours :
Sl. No.SubjectHours
1Marine Engineering Practice 1 ( EKG)260
2Marine Engineering Practice 2 ( EKM )155
4Naval Architecture & Ship Construction104
5Applied Heat ( Thermodynamics )79
6Applied Mechanics100
7Basic Engineering Science50
9Workshop Practice & Materials (WPM)337
10Machine Drawing100

        During PST required Basic Safety Training courses to be conducted as per STCW 2010 Chapter VI, Section A-VI.
    b) Phase 2-Onboard learning Phase (OLP)
        Upon successful completion of the PST, the cadets would undergo a shipboard training programme onboard foreign-going merchant vessel for a minimum sea-time as per STCW requirement. During the acquiring of a minimum sea time , the cadets will obtain practical knowledge and complete the assignment as set out in the "On board Training Assessment Record Book for Engine Cadets" (TARB)

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